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    The pandemic has attracted a mix of information – what is relevant and what is not, making it difficult to trust some claims about COVID-19. iRadar is here to help you collect and localize information, relevant for your staff, visitors, and clients. In doing this we provided free automated forms to help you conduct regular checks on your COVID-19 situation and the impact it makes in your organization.  

    Our free editable forms include (show APP images)

    –        Ask your clients: precise questions to clients on how you may help them in this COVID-19 period

    ·        Feedback questions:  Ask questions on how you are doing in helping clients, staff, and partners. Getting feedback from remote working experience is very essential, what their ideas are, and how your organization can support a better healthy and productive life at home. 

    •  Ask how employees are doing: Instead of meeting, send your employees a brief questionnaire asking how they are doing, what needs they have and great suggestions they have on how to improve their personal safety and that of the organization etc. from COVID-19  

    ·        Partner ideas. Ask your partners and funders/recipients for ideas on what strategies work for them and how you may collaborate on the short and long run, after all the COVID had settled.

    ·        Lots more other relevant forms for you to edit.

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