Frequently Asked Questions

<strong><em><strong>How do I Update my password?</strong></em></strong>

Click the drop down ‘ADMIN’ and choose ‘ADMIN SETTINGS’. You will be directed to the admin settings page, where you can choose to ‘UPDATE PASSWORD’. You will be asked to enter your previous password, followed by your updated password, for security you will be asked to enter in your updated password twice.

<strong><em><strong>I can’t remember my Password. What do I do?</strong></em></strong>

There is a Forgot your password? link on the Login page. Click the link, enter your email address, and then click Send. You will get an email with instructions on how to change your password. To use this feature, you need to have already registered.

<strong><em><strong>Is my organisation information available to the public?</strong></em></strong>

The name of your organisation and the services provided are made public to your potential clients, However the information you collect, messages you send, contacts you gather and every other function for your organisation on Link2Settle, is confidential and private to your organisation.

<strong><em><strong>Will my information be stored in the USA or any other countries outside Canada?</strong></em></strong>

Your information is Stored in Montreal, Canada

<strong><em>What if my birth date or name is incorrect on the registration form?</em></strong>

You should complete the registration online even if the data is incorrect. Please ask a staff member at the circulation desk to update this information the next time you visit the library to ensure the library’s records are accurate.

<strong><em>I accidentally deleted a client’s information, what now?</em></strong>

We store your clients information on a secure backup server for a maximum of 90 days. So we can help. Reach out to our support team for further assistance.

<em><strong><strong>How do I upgrade my account with Link2Settle</strong>?</strong></em>

Click the drop down ‘ADMIN’ and choose ‘ADMIN SETTINGS’. You will be directed to the admin settings page, where you can choose ‘SUBSCRIPTION AND PAYMENT’ on this page you can simply choose to upgrade your subscription, or you can contact our support team at

<strong><em><strong>If I’ve been away from my computer, sometimes I have to log in again. Why?</strong></em></strong>

The system is designed to log you out automatically if you haven’t done anything for 30 minutes. This is a security feature, to protect your account from unauthorized use in the event that you forget to log out.

<strong><em><strong>I run a small business on my own, how can link2settle help me</strong>?</em></strong>

Link to settle is a versatile platform that aids the streamlining of communication and services provided between business owners and clients. Link2 Settle does this by optimising on the coalition of your client’s data, analytics of the services provided and provides a measurement of your business’ impact on the market. Link2Settle also provides a dynamic calendar that takes your availability to the hands of your clients, meaning less down time arranging suitable appointments times and more time doing what you love and impacting the marketplace.

<strong><em>A client has requested for their information to be deleted permanently, what now?</em></strong>

We do not go in to delete client information without a signed request form from the client and acknowledgment from your organisation. Information is stored as a backup on our servers for 3 months, after which it will automatically be deleted.

<strong><em><strong>How do I delete my account with link2settle?</strong></em></strong>

Settings > account settings > change password > deactivate account

<strong><em><strong>Where is the Link2Settle main office?</strong></em></strong>

We are Located at 900 Lady Ellen Place, Ottawa, ON K1Z 5L5

<strong><em> <strong>How do I import my contacts?</strong></em></strong>

See Link2Settle manual

<em><strong>What is the Link2Settle free tier?</strong></em>

The Link2Settle free tier allows customers to gain an experience of the functions and capabilities of our web application. There is no time limit for using Link2Settle’s free tier if they are a customer. However, there are specified limits to what functions will be available to free tier customers.

<strong><em>When does the Link2Settle free tier expire?</em></strong>

Our confidence in the services we provide allows us to off the Link2Settle free tier without a duration limit. This puts the power in your hands, and we are confident as you get acquainted with our platform, you will see the value in using Link2Settle as a paid service.

<strong><em><strong>Are payments charged automatically?</strong></em></strong>

When on the free tier, there will be no payment charged. Only when your services are optionally upgraded will there be an automatic charge to your credit card.

<strong><em> <strong>How often will payments for Link2Settle be charged to my account?</strong></em></strong>

Once a month.

<strong><em><strong>Is there a possibility of paying for a year or more at once?</strong></em></strong>

LinK2Setlle can offer month to month subscriptions and yearly subscriptions. Link2Settle’s subscription options are versatile. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

<strong><em><strong>What happens if I go over my registered tier?</strong></em></strong>

The Link2Settle platform will prompt you to upgrade your subscription, which will give you instant access to the functions of your new subscription.

<strong><em> <strong>Can I use the Link2Settle free tier in any province?</strong></em></strong>

Yes, Link2settle’s free tier is available anywhere across Canada.